Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Special Someone

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – a day dedicated to love by lovers all over the world. Usually, people wait for this day to propose their love which gives a higher success rate. This special day also considered as a best choice for baby love, a day to propose the first love!

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Valentine Week Days

Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a Valentine week from 7th Feb, a week before 14th February and each day has a special name. 

7th Feb – Rose Day, 8th Feb – Propose Day, 9th Feb – Chocolate Day, 10th Feb – Teddy Day, 11th Feb – Promise Day, 12th Feb – Hug Day, 13th Feb – Kiss Day and 14th Feb – Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Gifts make any occasion more special which makes the receiver feel the emotion of the sender. Gifting someone flowers was never just a gift – it’s a passing or expression of emotions.

Flowers are the most sorted after Valentine’s Day gift online.

Here are some flower gift ideas


The first flower choice for a Valentine’s Day gift is Rose which comes in different colours and each colour has a special significance. We are happy to give you some tips to choose the best valentine gifts for her according to the colour. 

  • Red Rose – Love
  • Orange Rose – a bouquet of orange roses will let the receiver know your passion and fascination for them.
  • Red and White rose bouquet, express that we are a great match
  • Yellow & Red together will hint the receiver that you want from them more than friendship – that is you are falling in love. 

Red rose 

  • The quintessential flower, the favorite flower Venus – the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty, makes it the perfect blossom to be gifted to someone you love passionately. 
  • The red rose is an indisputable first choice for lovers as it symbolizes love which is a truly romantic keepsake. 

Other than roses, tulips takes the next place as the best choice as these stunners are a declaration of love.

The other traditional gifts apart from flowers are

  • Cakes & Chocolates
  • Jewelry
  • Greeting Cards

Black Tulip Flowers has a variety of gift items to send online Valentine Gifts for Him Doha.  

Cakes & Chocolates

o The second best gift for this Valentine’s Day 2021 next to flowers are sweets which of course carries to sweetness into everyone

o There are various cakes available like theme cakes, photo cakes, personalized cakes and more to choose from for Valentine’s Day gift online. 


o There are many affordable jewelry to be gifted as a most romantic gift ever for your valentine.

o Say it with the most loved gift and keep your love young and romantic! 

Greeting Card 

o In the most advanced technological world, the most trusted and traditional way of expressing emotion goes to the Greeting Cards. 

o The emotions can be expressed in their own words which touches the heart of the receiver. 

With flower delivery Qatar from Black Tulip Flowers, make your valentine feel your love and how special they are for you. 

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