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  1. Valentine’s Day party decoration ideas with flower

    Valentine's Day is a celebration of romantic love during which many people give their partners flowers, cards and other romantic gifts. A bouquet of flowers is probably the first gift that comes to mind when you are thinking of gifts to give your loved one on Valentine's Day. Flowers have an elegant and universal beauty that holds emotional significance. There's really no better way to show your love for them than with roses. Sending or gifting flowers and other amazing Valentine's gifts have been common ways for lovers to express their love and passion to their partners. If you're planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a special way, then here are some Valentine's Day party decoration ideas with flower.

    Best Valentines Gifts

    Adding flowers to your home decor is an easy and effective way to add elegance and class to your home on Valentine's Day. Flowers are also a great way to bring fragrance to your home. Adding flowers to your home has huge benefits, not just because they are visually pleasing but they can also lift your mood and brighten your day.

    Floral Heart Shape

    If you are looking for a special way to surprise your loved one on Valentine's Day, a flower decoration will be a perfect idea. Just fill in the entire heart shape with the beautiful flowers and hang it on the wall. It will just amaze your loved one and make her feel special. Choose a wide range of Valentine's Day Special Flowers from our online portal Black Tulip Flowers Qatar and cherish your moments.

    • My Perfect Love
    • Pink Proposal
    • Red Spray Roses in Bouquet
    • Ferrero Rocher Lover

    Valentine Flowers

    You can decorate your home with flowers in the theme of Valentine's Day if you are planning a valentine's day party at your home. This will impress your girlfriend and be the best way to mark the special day. Order Valentine Flowers Qatar from the best florist in the industry Black Tulip Flowers, simply log on to our online portal for more Valentine's Day flower collections.

    • Luxury Red Roses
    • Best Bouquet
    • My Perfect Love
    • Luxury Special

    Lights and Flowers

    You can enjoy flowers beauty in different ways, so if you want to make the best Valentine's Day gifts for her, flowers are the perfect choice. You can make your living area look gorgeous with flowers and fairy lights because the flowers are complemented with beautiful lights, so they also add elegance to your decoration. Choose the best Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved one from the best online flower shop in Qatar, Black Tulip Flowers.

    • Delicate Red Bouquet
    • Classical
    • Loving Thoughts Combo
    • Pure and Natural Arrangement

    Table Decorate with Flowers

    When it comes to Valentine's Day, the romantic red rose is a favourite flower of everyone. Decorate your table with romantic roses for the perfect date night decoration, to go along with Valentine's Day gifts. Looking for the best Valentine's Day flower delivery Qatar? Then, log on to Black Tulip Flowers, the most trusted flower shop for all your floral needs.

    • Bouquet of Red Roses with Chocolates
    • Box of Red Roses
    • Box of Red Roses and Chocolates
    • Luxury Red Roses

    Floral Desserts

    It's a classic combination, fresh flowers near by a beautiful cake. Making your delicious cake look special with flowers is a great way to surprise your partner. Create a heart shape with beautiful flowers and place the cake in the middle of the flowers. Adding lit candles to the decoration can also enhance the look. Just log on to our online portal Black Tulip Flowers for choosing the best Valentine's Day Flowers Online Doha.

    • Box of Pink Roses
    • Heart Shape Box Combo
    • Beautiful As You
    • Cupid Heart Arrow Inspired

    Romantic Gifts

    The day of Valentine's Day gives us the occasion to express love, passion, affection, or admiration to a special person in our lives. Valentine's Day is a special day that everyone would like to celebrate in the most beautiful way possible. Giving romantic Valentine's Day gifts to your loved one on Valentine’s Day will strengthens your bond from any phase of the relationship. Give Valentine roses or romantic flowers to your partner so that you can express your gratitude and make your partner feel that they are the only one you care about.

    Don't miss the opportunity to send surprise Valentine’s Day gifts for him, simply log on to our online portal and send Valentine's Day gifts Online Qatar and make your Valentine's Day memorable.

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  2. 10 ways to surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day with Black Tulip Flowers

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, and it gives you the opportunity to do something special for your partner. Every romantic couple cherishes this season of love together for more than just a day. Traditionally, men have taken the lead when it comes to planning Valentine's Day celebrations. But why not surprise him this year? During this season of love, tell your partner how much you love and care for him by giving him a Valentine's Day gift. You can surprise your husband by giving him unique valentines gifts and cherish those little moments with him. Your surprise valentine's day gift for him can make his day special. Tell your partner how much you appreciate, love and care for him.

    1. Valentine's Day Surprise for Him

    Make your husband feel special by surprising him with romantic flowers and a delicious cake on Valentine's Day. This is a great way to expand your bond with your partner and let your partner know how much you love and care about him. Order best valentine gift for your husband from our online portal Black Tulip Flowers Qatar and cherish all the moments with your partner.

    • Red Rose in White Rose
    • Box of Titanic Rose
    • Heart Shape Bouquet
    • Bunch of Peach Roses

    2. Valentine Flower Arrangements

    Flower arrangements are capable of lighting up anyone's mood with their vivid colour and pleasant scent. You can surprise your partner by decorating your house with flowers. Flower arrangements are the best way to show your love and express your emotions with flowers. Surprise your partner with the great valentines’ gifts, place an order from our online portal Black Tulip Flowers Qatar, to make your loved one feel special on this Valentine’s Day.

    • Bouquet of Peach Roses
    • Bouquet of Deep Purple Roses
    • Bunch of Deep Purple Roses
    • Mauve Bouquet

    3. Valentine Gift Boxes for Him

    The best way to surprise your husband is to send flowers along with a box of chocolates. It is the perfect valentine’s gift because you can customize it specifically to his desires. Order Valentine’s Day Flowers Online Doha from the best florist in the industry Black Tulip Flowers and cherish your moments.

    • 50 Stem Red Roses
    • 10 Stem Pink Roses Bouquet
    • 10 Stem Red Roses Bouquet
    • Bouquet of Pink Roses

    4. Romantic Gifts

    A romantic dinner at home is a great idea to surprise your partner. Surprise him with the beautiful valentine rose bouquet and arrangements, decorate your table with the most stunning valentine rose arrangement and lit candle and make his favourite food. It will be the best Valentine’s Day surprise for your husband. Give your partner the best Valentine's Day gift to embrace them with appreciation and happiness, order now from the best florist in the industry Black Tulip Flowers Qatar.

    • Bunch of White Roses
    • Mix Roses and Spray Roses
    • Luxury Bunch of Red Roses
    • Pink Proposal

    5. Personalised Valentines Gifts

    Gifts with a personal touch are just fantastic and it will be an ultimate symbol of romance and love. Celebrate life with your partner by sending beautiful and personalized valentines flowers on Valentine’s Day. Our florists offer same-day flower delivery in Doha and Qatar. Make a lasting impression by choosing luxurious Valentine’s Day special flowers online from Black Tulip Flowers Qatar and making Valentine’s Day even more memorable.

    • Ferrero Rocher Lovers
    • Red Spray Roses Bouquet
    • Box of Red Roses
    • Fascinating Love of Red Roses

    6. Valentines Bouquet

    Are you thinking about the best valentines’ gifts for him? No worries! Our special valentine rose bouquet will win a man's heart this Valentine's Day. We have the perfect Valentine’s Day roses to express your love. Choose from a variety of valentine’s day flowers online from Black Tulip Flowers Qatar, and we'll deliver them same-day in Doha and Qatar.

    • Precious Duo in Acrylic Box
    • Pure Love in Heart Shape Box
    • Great Masterpiece
    • Extraordinary Love

    7. Valentine's Day Gift Basket for Him

    Gifts are promises, and they bind you to your partner in love. It is impossible to express how much you love and care with anything less than a box of flowers, chocolates, and a message card. Send romantic gifts for husband from the best online florist in Qatar, Black Tulip Flowers.

    • Basket of Bountiful Love
    • Box of Amazing Red Roses
    • Amusing Red Roses in a Box
    • Hand Bouquet of Perfect Love

    8. Valentine Special Gift

    On Valentine's Day, you can make an impression on your partner by sending him a bouquet of tulips along with your special gift. This is a very romantic way to convey your heartfelt affections because tulips are the classical flowers to match with any gifts. Choose the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him from our online portal Black Tulip Flowers Qatar and express your love for your partner.

    • Heart Shape Bouquet
    • 100 Roses Bouquet
    • 50 Stem Spray Rose Bouquet
    • Red Rose Bouquet

    9. Romantic Roses

    It is widely known that roses symbolize love and yes rose is the ultimate flower on Valentine’s Day. If you want to show your partner how much you love him through a gift, a romantic rose bouquet can be a great choice. Buy the best Valentine’s Day rose bouquet Doha from the trusted florist in the industry, Black Tulip Flowers.

    • Bouquet of Purple Roses
    • Bouquet of Pink Roses
    • Bouquet of Peach Roses
    • Luxury Red Roses

    10. Best Valentines Gifts

    Flowers are easy to find and are a great way to surprise the one you love with a spontaneous gift. A fresh flower bouquet has an aroma unlike anything else in the universe. Delicious cake, yummy chocolates, message card and much more you can add along with your fresh aromatic bouquet of flowers. Send Valentine’s Day Flowers to Qatar from our online portal Black Tulip Flowers and make your Valentine’s Day more memorable.

    • Bunch of Mix Flowers
    • Fascinating Love of Red Roses
    • Luxury Bunch of Deep Roses
    • Luxury Bunch of Purple Roses

    Valentines for Him

    When you are in a romantic relationship, you have the feeling that life is meaningful and you are at your best. Love makes us feel like we are living a life full of meaning and purpose. If you are in love then send beautiful love flowers to tell your partner how much you love and care for him. Flowers have been associated with love and romance throughout the ages.

    Looking for Valentine’s Day flower delivery Qatar? Our website offers some of the most beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers. Send Valentine's Day Flowers Online in Doha to express your love in the most stunning way.

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  3. Gift Some Gorgeous Flower Bouquet this New Year 2022

    New Year is a day to celebrate and be happy that a new beginning has dawned. New Year's Eve is the night of celebrations for everyone, and everyone throws a party that night. It's a time to look back on the good things we've done and to dream of what we'll achieve next. New Year's resolutions help you become a better person throughout the year. New Year is the perfect time to send flowers to your dear ones. Gifting flowers to friends and family can make the New Year much more special.

    Are you wondering which are some gorgeous flower bouquets that you can gift on this New Year? Here are some of the gorgeous flower bouquets on this New Year 2022!


    I think it's a wonderful idea to welcome the New Year with a bouquet of exotic rose flowers in hand. Adding a spectacular rose flower arrangement to your New Year's decor really makes it stand out. Instead of partying hard, you can send the New Year flower bouquets to your family and friends and make those moments memorable.

    • Bunch of Light Pink Roses
    • Bunch of Peach Roses
    • Gorgeous Pink Roses
    • Luxury Bunch of Deep Purple


    It is one of the most cheerful flowers of the year that will always bring festive and positive energy, especially on special occasions. It is also a perfect choice to gift loved ones a bouquet of bright-coloured carnations for the New Year. Send bouquet of carnations to your dear ones will give them positive energy and happiness, and it will make them feel excited for the new year.

    • Bunch of Mix Flowers
    • Luxury Flowers
    • Beautiful As You
    • Mix Flower Bouquet


    Tulips, the classic flower is considered as a great choice of gifts. Happy New Year greetings with tulips is the best way to wish everyone a prosperous year ahead. Sending your loved ones, a florist collection of handmade New Year flowers is a wonderful way to cheer them up.

    • Lavish Tulips
    • Fantasy Tulips
    • Sent with Love
    • Multicolour Tulips


    You can celebrate New Year's celebration in style whether it's at home or with friends. Classic flowers are sure to make your celebration delightful. Orchids never fail to bring happiness and create a pleasant atmosphere for the New Year festivities as they are aromatic and colourful.

    • Mauve Bouquet
    • Dazzling Orchid
    • Glorious Arrangement
    • Tropical Twist


    A bouquet of lilies is the best way to brighten up a New Year's evening. It is believed that lilies represent happiness and prosperity. So, a bouquet of lilies is the best way for you to wish your dear one a happy new year. Celebrate this new year with flowers by sending New Year flowers to your family and friends and buying flower arrangements for your home.

    • Blushing Blooms
    • Blushing Bouquet
    • Bouquet of Lavish Pink Lily
    • Lily Arrangement

    People are always excited at the beginning of a new year and it is a wonderful time to make a new beginning filled with happiness. The presence of flowers at a celebration is always a great way to energize your spirit for the new beginnings of a new year.

    Are you looking for the best flowers in Qatar and New Year flower delivery in Qatar? No worries! Log on to our website for the best New Year flowers, Black Tulip Flowers, your only floral destination.

    Send Happy New Year Flowers online in Qatar, from the leading florist in the industry, Black Tulip Flowers. Simply log on to our online portal, Black Tulip Flowers, for the best flowers for New Year, we offer same day flower delivery anywhere in Qatar.

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  4. Best Flowers to Give Your Loved Ones This Christmas

    As Christmas approaches, we all think of shiny stars, Santa Claus with a handful of presents, colourful lawns, and Christmas trees. It is important to remember, that Christmas is not only about exchanging gifts; as we prepare for yet another glorious Christmas night, let us reflect on God's infinite love and all the wonderful lessons that Jesus Christ taught us throughout his life. Christmas is a time for family gatherings and reflection on the things in our lives that make us truly grateful. In celebration of Christmas, we build memories to last throughout the year, by sharing love and cheer.

    Are you looking for an extra special way to celebrate Christmas this year? Here are some best flowers to give your loved on this Christmas!


    Lilies are beautiful flowers that look good in any arrangement and are especially popular during the festive season. As a symbol of purity and innocence, the lily is a popular Christmas gift. Send flowers to your dear ones who are miles away from you to convey your warm Christmas greetings, log on to our online portal, Black Tulip Flowers.

    • Lily Arrangement
    • Mix Flower Bouquet
    • Bunch of Mix Flowers
    • Fascinating Love


    True love is symbolized by roses, so giving roses to someone you care about makes sense. Gifting a bouquet of roses is the perfect gift for almost any occasion; they add beauty and warmth. It’s a visual way to express gratitude and love on Christmas. You can send the beautiful Christmas flowers from the leading flower boutique in the industry, Black Tulip Flowers, and make your loved ones feel special this Christmas.

    • Red Rose in White Box
    • Yellow Rose in Acrylic Box
    • Spritz Rose in Acrylic Box
    • Red Roses Bouquet


    The beauty of orchids conveys everlasting love. With their striking shape and vibrant colour, they can be used without much embellishment as a Christmas gift. You can show how deep your love for your special someone is by giving them this beautiful bouquet of orchid flowers this Christmas. Send flowers online in Qatar, make your dear ones Christmas more special, with our best Christmas flower collections, log on to our website, Black Tulip Flowers Qatar.

    • Extraordinary Love
    • Basket of Bountiful Love
    • Hand Bouquet of Perfect Love
    • Great Masterpiece


    Tulips make elegant Christmas flowers because of their smooth shape. If you want your gift to create a lasting impression, then a bouquet of tulips is the best choice. Make the Christmas of your dear ones extra special by gifting them the best Christmas bouquet and wreaths from the best florist in the industry Black Tulip Flowers Qatar.

    • Hand Bouquet of Elegant Combination
    • Best Bouquet
    • Christmas Festive Flower Box
    • A Christmas Special Gift


    There are no words to describe how beautiful this flower is. With a Christmas arrangement of beautiful gerberas, you can show your loved ones how much you care on this special occasion. A gerbera represents the beauty of delicate simplicity and is a very elegant and universal flower. Send a bunch of these beautiful gerberas as floral arrangements to your dear ones this Christmas, log on to our online portal Black Tulip Flowers Qatar, we offer same day flower delivery in Qatar.

    • Luxury Flowers in a White Box
    • Beautiful as You
    • Bunch of Mixed Flowers
    • Mix Flowers Hand Bouquet

    Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so getting into the holiday mood is never too early. The holiday season is a time to bring spirit and joy into our homes, to wear festive clothing, exchange gifts to our dear ones and to celebrate with family and friends. Flowers make a perfect gift for the holidays, and there is no better way to give fresh flowers to your loved ones.
    You can brighten your loved ones' Christmas by sending them gift hampers and Christmas centrepieces, from the leading florist in the industry, Black Tulip Flowers Qatar.

    These beautiful flowers will make Christmas 2022 a special one for your friends and family. Have a Merry Christmas!

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  5. Make Someone’s Special Day Better with Birthday Flowers

    Do you want to make someone's special day better? Then you can surely celebrate special day with birthday flowers. More than any other occasion, birthday is the day to be bright and beautiful. You can surely gift the birthday flowers to celebrate someone's special day brighter. Whether it is to brighten up someone's day or simply just to enjoy some beautiful moments of someone's special day, birthday flowers are the best choice. If you are sending birthday flower bouquet coupled with chocolates and cake to someone's special day, it helps you to convey the right emotions and the right message.

    Send Birthday Flowers Online

    Nowadays everyone sends flowers as a standard gift on their dear one's or loved one's birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasions. While it is an impressive gesture, but when you are gifting flowers, it has been often observed that the quality of flowers is very important. If you're struggling to send the perfect birthday gift, we are here to help you, send fresh flowers online from the best florist in Qatar, Black Tulip Flowers. 

    Rose Collections

    Rose flowers are full of colour and fragrance and it's no surprise they are one of the most popular and best birthday gifts. Rose symbolises deep love, happiness, gratitude and loyalty, they play a vital role in myths and traditional stories from the era. So, a beautifully arranged bouquet of rose flowers would be the best choice for someone to greet on their special day. Treat him or her with the finest birthday flower bouquet from our online flower shop Qatar! Choose from our wide selection of birthday flowers and send anywhere in Qatar.

    • Bouquet of Red Roses with chocolates
    • Pretty Pink
    • Best Bouquet
    • Rainbow Bouquet


    Hydrangea flowers are also one of the best birthday flowers, they brighten up any occasion or event and they are one of the most popular birthday gifts ever! Nothing can be more joyful than the celebration of special day. So, a special day party deserves nothing but only the best gift. If you wish to send fresh flowers online to someone on their special day, log in to our online portal for more birthday flower collections from the best online flower shop in Qatar, Black Tulip Flowers.

    • Pink Proposal
    • Pure and Natural Arrangement


    One of the best ways to express your emotions to someone by sending fresh flowers to them on special day. If you want to convey a special day wishes to someone, send them a box full of chocolates along with birthday flowers looks like a great gift and it helpful to convey your emotions. Send birthday flowers and best birthday gift from the best florist in Qatar, Black Tulip Flowers.

    • Lily Arrangement
    • Pure White
    • Mix Flower Bouquet

    Everyone loves flowers and loves to receive flowers on their special day or any occasions, you can really make your gift into something beautiful and meaningful with our birthday flower collections.

    You can find out more birthday flowers from our online portal from the best online flower shop in Qatar. Send fresh flowers online to someone on their special day and let them know how much you care and appreciate them.

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  6. Top 5 Things to Know About Flower Gifts

    Flowers are true messengers of love and they are endless reminders of love. Flowers are expressive and they convey our emotions in the right way, when our words fail. That is why flower gifts have turned out to be the most amazing gifts from the era. No wonder how many times you send flower gifts for her, here are some things to know about flowers to get you in the mood for gifting flowers!

    Flowers are Easy to Find

    One of the most surprising things about flower gifts is winning your dear one’s heart with ease. Also, people find sending flower gifts is one of the best ways to impress your love on a Valentine Day. You can find so many gifts for him but you may end up buying something else and then might be not satisfied in the gift, but it will always easy to find flower gifts. Send best flower gifts online from the best florist in Qatar, Black Tulip Flowers, the only destination for all your floral needs.

    • Loving Thoughts Combo
    • Sweet Carnation
    • Pink and Purple Vase Arrangement
    • Box of Pink Roses

    Flowers the Luxurious Gift

    Beyond the reasons, there is something about receiving flower gifts but just think about you are receiving a luxury flower bouquet on your anniversary or birthday or any occasion, it really means that someone care and love you unconditionally. Send fresh flowers online from the best florist in Qatar, Black Tulip Flowers provide you only the fresh and high-quality flowers.

    • Red Rose Bouquet
    • Bunch of Orange Rose
    • 100 Roses Heart Shaped Bouquet
    • Delicate Red Bouquet
    • Flowers Strengthen the Bond

    Love, care and gratitude is an art that help the humanity flourish. When you express your gratitude through flower gifts, the people you love or care about will start to see you in a completely new way. They start to realize how much you care and love them and this helps to strengthen your bond with your dear ones. Send fresh flower gifts for him today, choose wide range of flower gift collections from our online portal, the best flower shop in Qatar, Black Tulip Flowers.

    • Pink Proposal
    • Pretty Pink
    • Luxury Red Roses
    • Classical
    • For the Surprise Gift - Same Day Gift Delivery

    For the surprise gift-Same Day Gift Delivery

    Even if one receives many gifts on their birthday, the midnight surprise gifts are always exciting. The one who receives surprise gifts will always remember the moment. You need same day delivery to surprise on your dear one’s birthday? Don’t worry, Black Tulip Flowers Qatar provides you the same day flower gift delivery anywhere in Qatar.

    • Box of Pink Roses
    • Box of Red Roses
    • Delicate Red Bouquet
    • Luxury Red Roses
    • Flowers the Gift of Freshness and Fragrance

    Fresh flowers or flowers gifts will always bring happiness and joy to everyone. Flowers can bring instant happiness to the receiver and they can also boost one's mood throughout the day because of their vibrant colours and strong aromas. We, Black Tulip Flowers Qatar promise you that all of our flowers are fresh and high-quality flowers directly from our own farm to your doorstep.

    Whenever you would like to express your deepest emotions to your loved one, flower gifts are the best choice. It is the perfect gift that connects your love in the most loving way.

    Send flowers to Qatar from our online portal with the best florist in Qatar, Black Tulip Flowers.

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  7. 5 Tips to Keep In Mind When Buying Flowers

    5 Tips to Keep In Mind When Buying Flowers

    Flowers are always a symbol of happiness and love and they are never out of season or fashion. When buying flowers, it is important to consider for what occasion and to whom you are buying the flowers. Flowers have a pleasing aroma and a vibrant colour to bring a smile to your loved one's face. No other gifts can give such kind of happiness that flower gifts can give.

    There are a few things to keep in mind when buying flowers.

    1. Choose the right flower

    Choosing the right flower is very important to understand the occasion and to express your feelings in the right way. For instance, you should choose bunch of red roses on Valentine's Day and choose bunch of yellow roses for Friendship Day. We, Black tulip Flowers Qatar have a wide range of collections of flower bouquets and arrangements for any occasions.

    1. Expand Your Selections Beyond Roses

    For many people, Roses are the most popular flower, but there are other beautiful flowers like Tulips, Gerberas, Chrysanthemums, Carnations, Sunflowers etc. We suggest that you go through the seasonal flowers also because you will get more than what you expect. From bright yellow sunflowers to Alstroemeria, each flower expresses a different feeling and emotion, and it is important that you pick the perfect flower to express your love and gratitude.

    • Tulips
    • Orchids
    • Alstroemeria
    • Sunflowers
    • Gerberas
    • Chrysanthemums
    1. Floral Arrangements

    Some flower arrangements or bouquets are pre-set and others are custom made. You must know which type of arrangement or bouquet that you are interested in and if you are unable to find your floral need, our florist will guide you for the final purchasing decision. Remember to select flowers that contrast each other while customizing the flower arrangement or bouquet. Our website offers a wide range of collections of flower arrangements and bouquets to meet every customer's floral requirement.

    • Hand Bouquets
    • Acrylic Box of Flowers
    • Flowers in White Box
    • Flowers in Red Box
    • Flower Arrangements
    1. Quality of Flowers

    The quality and freshness of the flowers is one of the main reasons for buying the flowers from the best florists. We, Black Tulip Flowers Qatar, offer only freshly plucked flowers, and these should be well-preserved in the flower bouquets and arrangements. Our high quality of flowers brings more benefits such as lasting longer with its stunning scent. Our customers will get only the top-quality flowers, that's why our clients choose our online portal, Black Tulip Flowers Qatar.

    • Wholesale Flowers
    • Wedding and Event Flowers
    • Flowers for Occasions
    • Bouquets and Arrangements
    1. Customer Service

    You must make sure to choose an excellent 24/7 customer service. Our customer service team will always help you to keep the track of your order. Remember to place your order as early as possible for any occasion or celebration. You can also find the best offers online on our online portal Black Tulip Flowers Qatar; you can now send online flower delivery anywhere in Doha.

    If you love and care for your loved ones, then send flowers online from the leading online portal Black Tulip Flowers Doha and bring a smile on your loved one’s face and make the day more special and unique.

    One of the best things about online flower delivery is the option of choosing from a wide range of flower collections, hand bouquets, arrangements and you can also choose from wide range of colours.

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  8. Celebrate International Friendship Day with Black Tulip Flowers

    Friendship Day

    International Friendship Day is celebrated on the 1st Sunday of August, and the custom of celebrating friendship day started on the Western side, and it is now celebrated in many parts of the world. People give gifts to their friends to express how much they value their friendship in their life. Having somebody whom you can call your bestie is one of the best feelings ever. A best friend is the one who will be with you and support you in your bad times. Such friendships deserve not just love but respect as well. Celebrating friendship day with your friends with stunning flower gifts adds meaning to the celebration and strengthens the relationship that you share with your friends.

    Unique Gifts for Friendship Day

    Friendship day is such a special day when we give them special friendship gifts. The best Friendship Day gift is also capable of surprising your friend, making him or her feel the moment you are celebrating and giving you the chance to show your love and care for your friend. Fresh and fragrant flowers are one of the greatest gifts on Friendship Day. It can help you strengthen your friendship.

    Hand Bouquet

    Flowers have always been a unique part of the celebrations, and when it comes to friendship day flowers, you can surely go with a hand-bouquet. You can even add a customized cake or chocolate of the favourite flavour of your friend. A hand-bouquet with a special cake or chocolate will be a precious gift for your friend on this Friendship Day.

    You can easily find the best Friendship Day flower gifts online from our online portal Black Tulip Flowers Qatar. These gifts will aid double the joy of the Friendship Day celebration with your friends. Send the best Friendship Day flower gifts for your friends at their doorstep, it is more convenient than ever before with Black Tulip Flowers Qatar.

    Flower Combo

    Like every other relationship, friendship is also considered very special. Due to our busy plans, we barely find enough time for our friends. Maybe you are not able to spend good moments with your friends, but you can surprise your friends by gifting them an exclusive collection of Friendship Day flower combo gifts. You can choose a classy flower combo gift to make a long-lasting impression on your friend. You can consider choosing a box of chocolates to make the moment more special.

    • Loving Thoughts Combo
    • Ferrero Rocher Lover's
    • Red Yellow Rose with Brownies
    • Bouquet of red roses with Chocolates

    You can choose a variety of flower combo gifts for your friends on this Friendship Day and make your celebration more special. Celebrate your Friendship Day with Black Tulip Flowers Qatar and choose the best flower combo gift for your friend, and we will deliver it to your bestie!

    Florist Collections

    In the celebration of Friendship Day, flowers play an important role, they will give us positive and peaceful vibes. Flowers have the ability of expressing your feelings and emotions, so it would be a perfect gift for your friend. You can get these excellent flower gifts online easily at your doorstep with the best florist in Qatar, Black Tulip Flowers. The florist design flowers are a splendid combination gift for your friend on this Friendship Day.

    • Box of White Roses
    • Yellow Roses in an Acrylic Box
    • Box Purple Roses
    • Beautiful as You

    The fragrance and freshness in the flowers will bring an attractive smile to your friends' faces, while the flavourful chocolates or cake will add extra prettiness to it. You can also choose wide range of our florist collection at our online portal Black Tulip Flowers Qatar.

    Box of Flowers

    The great importance of flower gifts in life is that they give you feelings of happiness and pleasure. The impact of flower gifts in our lives is magical that will never fail to bring a smile to a friend’s face. Giving beautiful and lovely flower gifts on Friendship Day to your best friend is always a rewarding feeling. A personalized box of flower gifts is the best gift on this Friendship Day.

    • Cupid Heart Arrow
    • Beautiful as You
    • Pure Love

    Make your friend feel happier by sending them a florist collection flower gift from best florist in Qatar, Black Tulip Flowers. Flowers are one of the loveliest blessings from nature, your flower gift can be delivered to the doorstep of your loved one.

    Sending Friendship Day Flower gifts online Doha is made easy with Black Tulip Flowers.

    Online flower delivery is the best choice for a final search for a Friendship Day flower gift in Qatar.

    Sending unique Friendship Day flower gift from our online portal in this occasion is a great way to show them how you really appreciate their presence in your life.


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  9. Best Gift giving Ideas on Eid Al Adha

    Best Gift giving Ideas on Eid Al Adha

    People all around the world will be celebrating Eid Al Adha soon. Eid Ul Adha is known as "Festival of Sacrifice" or "Greater Eid". It is a very blissful and important occasion to remember the exemplary sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim and his strong obedience to God's commands. Eid ul Adha is a sacred festival that is celebrated each year around the world with sacrifice, prayer and food.

    Perfect Gift for Eid Al Adha

    Eid Ul Adha is all about sharing what we have and helpful for those in need. To increase the happiness of Eid Ul Adha, send Eid Al Adha Gifts to your loved ones. We have a wide range of Eid Al Adha Gifts for your Eid celebrations. Flower gifts would simply add more colors of happiness to your Eid Al Adha and it also implies grace, elegance, respect, and gratitude.


    Roses symbolize the expression of love and utmost devotion and are often gifted to express the deepest love for someone very special. Roses come in a rainbow of colors, and you can see different shades of roses, all carrying different symbolism and meanings.

    • Red roses symbolize love and romance
    • Pink roses symbolize appreciation and care
    • White roses symbolize purity and innocence
    • Yellow roses symbolize wisdom and power

    When you need to put a smile on your loved one's face, surprise them by sending a box of roses from our Eid Ul Adha online Flower Gift Collections.


    Tulips are classic flowers that have been loved by many eras. They have been devoted to the meaning of pure love. Tulips can also symbolize charity, prosperity, and abundance too.

    • White Tulips symbolize respect and honor
    • Yellow Tulips symbolize cheerfulness and hope
    • Red Tulips symbolize eternal love and passion
    • Pink Tulips symbolize caring and good wishes

    There's no better way to show your love and affection than with the Eid Al Adha Gift on this special occasion.


    Lilies stands for love, admiration, femininity and understanding. Lilies are generally sent as a gift to close female friends and family members as it stood as a symbol of femininity.

    • Pink Lily symbolize femininity and adoration
    • Yellow Lily symbolize happiness and joy
    • Orange Lily symbolize energy and confidence
    • Purple Lily symbolize pride and success

    When you want to show your admiration or passion lilies are the perfect flowers to gift on Eid Al Adha.


    Chrysanthemums are a symbol of devoted love, friendship, longevity, and joy. It is also called the “golden flower” and it denotes the simplicity and ease of life.

    • White Chrysanthemum symbolizes purity and spirituality
    • Yellow Chrysanthemum symbolizes friendship and joy
    • Red Chrysanthemum symbolize passion and deep love

    Send something spectacular on this Eid Al Adha and show your loved ones how much you care for them by sending Eid Ul Adha Gift from our florist collections.

    On the day of Eid Al Adha, people meet, greet each other, exchange sweets and gifts and it promotes peace and harmony in society. If you're looking for the perfect gift, choose from our wide range of Eid Al Adha gifts from our online portal, Black Tulips.

    Celebrate this Eid Ul Adha by send gifts from best online florist, Black Tulips.

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  10. The best flowers you should choose for Father's Day

    The best flowers you should choose for Father's Day

    No love can match a father's love and fathers are the first super hero for their children, be it a son or a daughter.

    The most important influence in the childhood of every child is their father. And fathers are the unsung heroes in the world. So, this father's day let's take this opportunity to show the dad our love and how important they are to us in our life.

    Send Father's Day Flowers from the award winning florist in the Middle East, the Black Tulip Flowers, Qatar.

    Father's Day Celebration

    The world celebrates the fatherhood and his role in the family every year on the third Sunday of June. But some countries celebrate it during the 19th March.

    The first Father's Day was celebrated in Washington State on June 19, 1910. A woman by the name of Sonora Smart Dodd came up with the idea of honoring and celebrating her father while listening to a Mother's Day sermon at church in 1909. Her father, the Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart, was a single parent who raised his six children there.

    The officially recognized date of Father's Day varies from country to country. Send Father's Day Gifts this year and show your love and gratitude towards him.

    With Black Tulip Flowers Qatar you have a variety of flowers to choose to send father's day gift to your beloved father.

    Father's day gifts

    Black Tulip Flowers, one of the best florist in Qatar makes it easy for you to send father's day flowers.

    To a father any gift will make him happy but flowers make a special gift. Let's celebrate the father and the paternal relations of the family with flowers this year.

    Father's Day Flowers

    Flowers are the best gift for any special occasion and Black Tulip Flowers makes it easy for you for the father's day flower delivery Doha. Here are some special choices for father's day flowers:

    For the best father's day flower arrangement ideas visit us online or our store. Here is an idea for you to choose the best flower for your hero, the father:

    Loving Heart Bouquet

    Red roses not only represents romance but also shows your heartfelt love towards any person be it a family member and most of all the father!

    • The heart-shaped bouquet of 75 stems of red roses, complemented with fresh greenery which really makes the roses stand out.

    • This comes in three sizes, standard, deluxe and premium and can be customized with any other gift like balloons, cakes, chocolates and toys

    Bunch of Mixed flowers with purple hydrangeas

    • This consists of 2 stems purple hydrangea, 2 stems pink hydrangea, 5 stem purple roses, 5 stem pink roses, 10 stem lisianthus.

    • This comes in three sizes, standard, deluxe and premium and can be customized with any other gift like balloons, cakes, chocolates and toys

    Try our other unique and best moving father's day gifts to make this father’s day a memorable one for both you and your dad.

    • Box of Red Roses
    • Luxury Red Roses
    • Orange Tulips in Bouquet

    Visit us online to view our full product range and avail our daily deals and special offers.

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