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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – a day to show your love and affection to someone special in your life, celebrated on 14th Feb all over the world. People in most part of the world consider this day to be a special day to show how they love and care for their partner.

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Valentines’ Day Celebrations

  • The real meaning of Valentine’s Day is a celebration of an emotion or feeling called love, and the most celebrated is the love between a man and a woman
  • Any kind of love is beautiful and needs to be celebrated.
  • Valentine’s Day is an annual festival to celebrate romantic love, friendship and admiration.
  • Some people make their love so special by proposing it on the perfect day – the Valentine’s Day.
  • Valentine’s Day is also celebrated by couples even after being together for long years. This helps them to cherish this day till the next Valentine ’s Day.

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Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a Valentine week from 7th Feb, a week before 14th February and each day has a special name.

7th Feb – Rose Day, 8th Feb – Propose Day, 9th Feb – Chocolate Day, 10th Feb – Teddy Day, 11th Feb – Promise Day, 12th Feb – Hug Day, 13th Feb – Kiss Day and 14th Feb – Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Gifts are the token of love and it is believed that exchanging gifts makes love stronger.

Love is a feeling and it does not need expensive gifts or grand locations to express it. A bouquet of roses or even a single rose can speak many things and express love more than anything.

Here are some gift ideas this Valentine ’s Day 2021 to express your affection towards your special guy

  • Electronic accessories like wireless charger, Bluetooth headset etc.
  • Wallets
  • Key chains or coffee mugs or cushions with their name or photo
  • Shirt cufflinks

Flowers are the most sorted after Valentine’s Day gift online, be it for her or him.


  • Any special occasion cannot be celebrated without flower gifts.
  • Flowers are the best gifts to make someone feel special
  • The most sorted after gift in Valentine’s Day – Red roses
  • Roses makes the best choice for a Valentine’s Day gift, as every color of it has a meaning and the numbers too can express it in a different way.
  • Not only roses, tulips, orchids, Chrysanthemum, Peony all these make a best choice for a beautiful yet simple gift for the Valentine’s Day. Send Flower Delivery Qatar with Black Tulip Flowers which has a variety of choices.

The other traditional gifts apart from flowers are,

  • Cakes & Chocolates
  • Greeting Cards

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