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7 thoughtful Islamic New Year gift ideas for your Muslim friends and family

Thoughtful Islamic New Year Gift Ideas for Your Muslim Friends and Family in Qatar

It’s almost time for the Islamic New Year! As we prepare for this special day, it’s important to consider how to celebrate and show appreciation for our loved ones, especially if you have Muslim friends and colleagues in Qatar. The Islamic New Year, also known as the Hijri New Year, marks the beginning of a new lunar year and will be on July 7th this year. This joyous occasion is a time for Muslims to reflect on the past year, celebrate new beginnings, and strengthen bonds with loved ones. Exchanging new year gifts is a delightful tradition that adds to the spirit of this special day.
Finding the perfect Islamic New Year gift in Qatar can be easy! While there are no specific gift-giving traditions, thoughtful and meaningful presents that resonate with Islamic values are always appreciated. From meaningful Quran, attar, and scented candles to mugs, here’s a list of gift ideas for the Islamic New Year that will suit every budget and taste. Here are 7 unique gift ideas to make this Islamic New Year special for your Muslim friends and family in Qatar:  

1. Fruit, Nut, and Dates Gift Baskets     

celebrate the upcoming Islamic New Year in Qatar by sharing fruit, nut, and date gift baskets as heartfelt gifts. This cherished tradition embodies abundance and prosperity, perfectly capturing the spirit of the new Hijri year. During Eid, exchanging fruit and dried fruit gifts is a common practice. Dates hold immense significance in Islamic tradition, with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) known for his fondness for dates and their mention in the Quran. A thoughtfully arranged basket containing premium nuts, chocolates, candies, confections, dates, pomegranates, mangoes, and international fruits would make a timeless and well-appreciated holiday gift. For an added touch, consider including local favorites like Medjool dates, renowned for their rich flavor and soft texture.
You have the freedom to customize a gift basket to suit any taste and budget. This could involve traditional favorites, unique treats, gourmet selections, an array of fruits from around the globe, or organic produce to support local farmers. A fruit and nut basket is not just a delicious snack; it’s also a healthy one! It’s ideal for health-conscious individuals and those with dietary restrictions, offering wellness and joy over many days and nutritious meals.
Enhance your fruit basket gift with a personal touch for your loved ones in Qatar, such as a colorful ribbon or a handwritten Arabic note. Additionally, consider including culturally significant fruits such as figs or apricots

2. Islamic Books/ Calligraphy    

For those with a strong religious interest, a Quran or a book on Islamic teachings can be a cherished Islamic New Year gift idea. In Qatar, there are numerous New Year gift shops that specialize in Islamic texts. For a truly unique present, you might consider exploring Islamic calligraphy art. These beautiful pieces feature verses from the Quran or Islamic sayings, adding an elegant touch to any home. If you are looking for thoughtful gifts for the Islamic New Year, consider giving books. They are affordable and can provide knowledge and inspiration. You can explore a variety of literature, including collections of stories from the Quran and Islamic figures, as well as books on ethical conduct, spiritual enlightenment, and in-depth analyses of the Quranic teachings. The Quran holds deep significance as a symbol of faith and love, serving as a reminder of the blessings and teachings of Allah. When presenting the Quran as a gift, you have a variety of options to choose from, such as a Quran in a velvet box, a mini velvet Quran, or a large-size Tajweed Quran.    

3.Charity & Donations to community      

In Islam, charity can be expressed in different forms, reminding of our duty to care for others and nurture our sense of compassion, empathy, and generosity. Charity holds immense importance in Islam and is considered a fundamental pillar of the faith. It’s important to remember that giving back to those in need is a core Islamic principle. This Islamic New Year, consider making a charitable donation in your loved one’s name to a reputable Qatari charity that aligns with their interests. This thoughtful act benefits the community and reflects the spirit of the holiday .Consider supporting a cause or charity in honor of your gift recipient as a meaningful way to make a positive impact in the lives of those in need..

Flowers are a timeless way to show emotions and a unique gift for friends and loved ones this Islamic New Year. Their colors, scents, and shapes bring joy to any occasion and symbolize different feelings. For the Islamic New Year, roses represent love and appreciation, while lilies symbolize purity and peace. You can use flowers as decorations or gifts, choosing from natural or artificial arrangements. Using vibrant flowers can express your happiness for the occasion and appreciation for your loved ones. It’s best to include locally grown flowers like lilies, carnations, or chrysanthemums to add a touch of Omani charm.

To enhance the cultural experience, consider pairing your flowers with dates or traditional Omani sweets like halwa. Also, adding a handwritten note in Arabic with warm wishes for a blessed Hijri can make the gesture more personal.    

5. Shopping Cards   

Consider giving the gift of choice this Islamic New Year with shopping cards. Shopping cards are a convenient and thoughtful option, relieving you of the stress of choosing a gift that suits the recipient’s preferences.
Shopping cards offer freedom of choice and convenience and are a modern and practical gift for many people. Sending a unique Islamic New Year gift shopping card, whether near or far, will surely bring joy to your loved ones   

6. Personalised Gifts        

When choosing a thoughtful gift, you might want to consider personalized items that have a special touch. For example, you could choose an item such as a necklace or a ring that features an engraved Quranic verse or a meaningful Islamic message. Another option could be a custom-made Islamic calendar with significant dates marked on it. These personal and meaningful gifts are sure to be cherished by the recipient. If you know the recipient’s preferences, you can also consider items such as coffee mugs or clothing tailored to their tastes.

7. Gift Basket including Qatari Delights

Indulge your special someone in the tantalizing tastes of Qatar with a delightful gift basket brimming with local delicacies. Just picture a luxurious assortment featuring rich Qatari coffee, juicy dates, aromatic spices, and irresistible traditional sweets. Numerous specialty shops across Qatar allow you to easily curate the perfect combination of these authentic treats.

The Essence of Thoughtful Giving

When selecting a gift for the Islamic New Year, it’s important to choose something that reflects your love, appreciation, and well wishes for your Muslim friends and family. Whether it’s a heartfelt note, a symbolic item, or a thoughtful gesture, the most important aspect of an Islamic New Year gift is its thoughtfulness. May the arrival of the Islamic New Year bring joy, peace, and prosperity to all!

Additional Tips for Islamic New Year gift shopping in Qatar

• Consider your budget and the recipient’s interests when choosing a gift.
• Include a handwritten card/ greeting card with a warm message for a personal touch.
• Explore online retailers alongside local Qatari shops for a wider selection.
• Consider gifting tickets to Islamic lectures or cultural events taking place in Qatar this Islamic New Year. These events offer a wonderful opportunity for your loved one to learn and connect with the Muslim community during this special time.

Qatar Islamic Gifts FAQs:

What are some good traditional gift ideas for the Islamic New Year in Qatar?

The Islamic New Year, also known as Hijri New Year, is a time for reflection, prayer, and celebration. Some thoughtful gift ideas for loved ones in Qatar include traditional gifts such as sweets like Baklava, dates, maamoul, or halwa, a beautiful Quran, and a high-quality prayer rug.

Are there any tips for choosing a thoughtful Islamic New Year gift?

When choosing Islamic gifts, consider the recipient’s interests and age. For children, educational Islamic toys or books work well. For adults, consider a luxurious Quran or Islamic art. Personalized gifts, like a Quran with their name engraved, are also a nice touch.

Where can I find Islamic New Year gifts in Qatar?

Qatar stores offer Islamic gifts in department stores, specialty Islamic gift shops, and online retailers.

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