Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant

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Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant, bring the elegance of a Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant into your space with easy online ordering. Elevate your ambiance with the allure of vibrant purple blooms and graceful arching stems. A sophisticated addition to your home or a thoughtful gift choice.

COMES WITH A GLASS VASE + MOSS BLANKET. Perfect for a minimalist setting this Three – stem plant is approximately 60 cm in height.

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Indoor Orchid Plants – Avoid direct sunlight, Prefer bright, airy areas with lots of ventilation.

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Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant:

Elegance in Bloom: Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant. Introduce the allure of nature into your space with our Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant. With its delicate blooms and graceful arching stems, this plant exudes sophistication.

Its vibrant purple hue adds a touch of regal beauty, making it a perfect gift or decor choice. Easy to care for, this orchid plant will thrive in various environments, bringing lasting elegance to any corner of your home. Elevate your ambiance with the enchanting presence of this exquisite botanical treasure.

How To Take Care Of Indoor Orchid Plants :

  1. The biggest challenge is to determine whether you are over-watering or under-watering. Because it all depends on the location where the plant stands. It could be every few days or even every couple of weeks depending on the atmosphere. A place where bright indoor light or indirect sunlight for 6 to 8 hours with a lot of ventilation would be the perfect spot. Water only the roots. Keep the flowers and leaves dry yet occasional misting can be accepted
  2. The simplest answer is to monitor your plant and water just before they go dry. Ensuring orchids get just the right amount of water gradually Also, the new discovery by long-term orchid keepers which is Ice Cubes too has worked.
  3. Another preferred way is submerging the roots for 15 minutes and let drain every 7 to 10 days – Make sure to trim off the dry leaves, shriveled flower stalks, and dead roots
  4. Fertilize often your orchid and repot every few years using a quality well-draining potting mix.
  5. Flowers may last for months at a time, and plants can be kept for years with care while re-flowering from time to time.
  6. Extra tip – Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth soaked in diluted milk at least twice a month.